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The city that never gives up

Even in Matera spontaneous mobilizations are activated with songs and sounds from the windows and balconies on the empty and empty streets.

As now throughout Italy, but also a large part of Europe and the world, squares and streets are empty in ghostly-looking cities.

But the desire to meet and share spreads, almost as if to counter the covid 19 infection, on social media and for a few days also in flash mob.

Napoli 13-03-2020 emergenza Coronavirus flashmob sonoro ai quartieri Spagnoli (Newfotosud Alessandro Garofalo)

The two aspects of cities at the time of the coronavirus: on one side squares and ghostly streets, on the other manifestations of solidarity and hope.

From Wuhan, in China, where it all started, people restricted to quarantine, for a sort of “liberation” and a sense of solidarity, began to communicate from windows and balconies. Songs and hymns have started to be a way to cement a kind of sense of belonging and “resistance”.

The coronavirus has begun to expand worldwide, particularly affecting South Korea and Iran. Italy is now the country at the forefront of the fight against virus infection. And the Italians, you know, as far as fantasy is concerned are second to none.